¿Sabes cuáles son las claves para enfrentarte a una entrevista de trabajo?

We review the keys to convince that you are the perfect candidate for the position.

Success in a job interview is not about saying that you are the best candidate, but about convincing the company why you are the best.

Put your value on yourself and let the company know

No one knows your strengths, skills and abilities better than you. Convey to the interviewer how they could benefit the company.

Get to know the company

Take some time to get to know the company. Find their main activities, interests and motivations and focus your skills on these.

Be positive and flexible

Flexibility is one of the attitudes that is most valued in a job interview, both in terms of the functions to be performed and schedules or mobility. Try to control your nerves throughout the entire process, take your time before answering the interviewer’s questions.

Take care of your non-verbal language and your clothing

Maintain a body posture in which you are comfortable and avoid excessive gestures, movements that indicate nervousness, lost looks…

Choose an outfit that exudes professionalism and seriousness, a first impression is worth a thousand words.